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HR Automation + Intelligence
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Your virtual HR specialist
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Process Automation

"Easy, fast & scalable"
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Codified and automated HR processes for searching and onboarding new talent.

Machine Learning

"Measurable Impact"
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Machine learning algorithms provides metrics for various HR processes.

Recruiter Intelligence

"So now what?"
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KAIT provides alerts, automates actions and providing guidance escalates...

HR Automation + Intelligence

Kait automates core HR processes, presents you with simple, visual analytics and insights on what to do at every step. Real, recruiter experience and intelligence codified + enhanced with machine learning.

Codified Processes

KAIT can setup, run and monitor core HR processes like a "Search" and "Onboarding" process for new hires - with more to come!

"Low-to-no" Touch

We'd like KAIT to be an "app-less" experience. It keeps you posted on progress and notifies you when an action is recommended.

Recruiter Intelligence

Processes and insights are all built on real, human recruiters and decades of HR experience. KAIT is a specialist, not a task management widget.

Machine Learning

KAIT can find & score (shortlist) 1000s of candidates in a fraction of the time it takes a recruiter, learning with every click how to find better matches for you.

KAIT at it's Core

KAIT was designed to codify essential and often repetitive HR processes (like Search and Onboarding). KAIT gives you the time, knowledge and skills that recruiters provide for these core services at a fraction of the cost. And it's completely scalable.

Do It Right. Core HR processes run the right way without added time or cost.

Measure Everything. Collect data at ever step of the process.

Make it meaningful. Provide useful insights and guidance on what to do next.

HR Process automation all in one place.

KAIT is built by recruiters, for recruiters, HR execs and managers.

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